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hey guys, if you have come to my blog from Fanficiton.net, thanks, i will post my progress on the stories posted over there, and here might appear some original stories i've been working for a while.

now, allons-y!

RE:Awakening of the True DxD (HighSchool DxD/Kamen Rider xover fic) Chapter 4: 55% ready.

Prime Requiem Evangelion: Rising (Evangelion/Original Story xover) Chapter 2: 34% ready

Fate/The Second Avenger (Fate/StayNight Fanfic) Chapter ?? : 20% Ready

these three are my priority, but the Love Hina fics might get a new chapter if i overcome the little writer's block i've had with this, and for my first fic, MuvLuv Alternative: Skyblaster, its going on hiatus until i finish the rewrite.

well then, i'll see ya next time.


(Spanish) Ensayo sobre el E-learning

El E-Learning es una plataforma digital (ligada a las plataformas comerciales en ciertos aspectos) creada junto con el advenimento de las plataformas moviles de acceso a internet, en incluso ante de estas.
esta moderna manera de educacion ha ploloferado en los paises segundo y tercer mundistas, en donde la educacion es deeficiente comparada con los paises de primer mundo, o es dificil de adquirir (como los estudios e nivel superior). tambien para aquellos paises a donde la educaion es limitada por motivos gubernamentales u politicos (China, Corea del norte y paises con tendencias comuninstas)

en mexico, ha proliferado entre personas con imposibilidad de ingresar a instituciones educativas de calidad, ya sea por falta de recursos economicos, falta de tiempo, or simplemente el ser mayor de edad que lo normal entre los alumnos de el nivel deseado (Un cuarenton estudiando la prepa, por ejemplo)

algo comun en las escuelas mexicanas es la falta de maestros calificados, espcialistas en materias de nivel superior, o simplemente la ausencia total de estos debido a motivos politicos dentro de los sindicatos y secretarías (CNTE, SNTE y el Magisterio). el internet abre las puertas a mejores y mas especializados maestros que los que se pudieran encontrar normalmente en un colegio cualquiera.

facil de comprender si se le realiza de manera responsable, el e-learning  ofrece tiempos de estudio flexibles, posibles de realizar desde una computadora hasta incluso en los moviles (telefonos inteligentes y tablets con acceso a internet, ya seas a traves de red celular o wi-fi), dependiendo de la plataforma en la que realizen los estudios.
tambien ofrece la posibilidad de tener un trabajo y poder continuar los estudios desde aquel.

More about us

i will be posting status on my little pet projects (a couple of Fanfics and a Original Story for my amusement) in this blog, wonder is anyone will be seeing this, but you can find me on Fanfiction.net, i shall leave my profile on that site below.

Sixth Ranger BetaHalo

Going Bilingual.

so, after requests from frinedd sfrom argentina, i've decided to post here in both english and spaninsh, the latter because there's a new assigment at school, and then again, i dont want to use another blog to post stuff, so i should be back with pure english content once this crap is over.

so then, let us begin.


Legacy -Tales of the Altverse- Prologue (part 3)

it has begun...


are you happy?


i know that it is all moving according to your plan, but, how long do you think it'll stay like that?


yes, i know, Master, you know all possibilities, but, aren't you forgetting something?



no, its the power of the human mind, have you forgotten the previous one? the one that against all odds managed to free himself and his companions from our stage?


You must NOT understimate this new one, it has been showed that he posseses yet a more frightening will that the previous...


shall we leave it at this, lets observe for now, and it will be showed that you are not considering all that must be considered....


Legacy -Tales of the Altverse- Prologue (part 2)

Prologue Part 2 "Whispers from a distant past..."
Date: January 11th 2760 Location: Planet AL31905-B "Cirus"
USGDF Slipspace Monitoring Center

Today is a bad day
a woman thought with annoyance

"have we comfirmed it yet?"
the woman, who was clad in an Army Officer RIA, asked a certain man wearing the Intelligence Division RIA.

"althought I´'m not so sure, the sensors have picked up faint leftover radiation signals that match those of their   slipspace modules, there is no doubt about that fact, 'THEY' have made a move"

the woman forwned and spoke in an enraged tone

"Did we catch any reentry signals from slipspace? any other activities?"

the scientist answered in a rather nonchalant tone

"no, 'they' have absolutely vanished, there isn't a single trace of them returning from slipspace"

a heavy atmosphere surrounds both people as the ones near them appear to be very nervous

a voice is suddenly heard from the left

"Chief! we have an incoming transmission from slipspace, unknown source! (what?!) is audio only, and heavily disorted! give us some time to syntonize with it!"

the man adressed as chief starts to quickly type commands in the computer in front of him

"I leave it  in your care, professor, then, Captain, does this answer if 'they' had made any other moves?"

The woman sighed "yes, a rather bad answer"

another voice was heard from acroos the room

"Captain! Chief! you must listen to this!"

The Captain answered with a similar surprised voice

"what is it?"

"you... you... are NOT going to belive this!"

the first sound the High quality Speakers made first was just static, but then it started becoming clear.

a message, no, by the way it sounded it was a TV broadcast, the female voice narrating was filled with fear...

"this is an exclusive live broadcast for ... *static* ... news that are shocking the entire world!... *static* in the *static* country!... a black Sun-like thing has appeared, we are aproximately 70 kilometers away and the wind reaches horrifying speed!, all civilians have apparently been evacuated!, but what in the world is that thing?! i repeat, this is *static* for *static* news! today, October  2*static* 20*static*  an enormous black sun has appeared!!..."

everyone in the room is shocked, still the captain's  voice is heard.

"Black sun? i never heard of such celestial event."

The Chief answers with some annoyance in his voice

"oh really? you know, captain, have you ever seen a spaceship going out of FTL?"

"of course. but what does it has to do with this"?

"if you had been born approximately six ana half centuries ago, what would had been the best way to picture that phemomenon?


"If this is really a broadcast from that time, it means that 'they' are attacking our very past to prevent us of existing, 'they' are smarter than we  thought..."

"Chief! detecting multiple slipspace reentry signals! frecuency matches that of Supercarriers! estimated forces...  300!"

"!!! Get High Command online, tell them the situation, and order a level 9 evacuation order!"

"Planetary evac?" the Captain talked with a tone filled with surprise as the other officer in the Comms center were making an uproar "Are you crazy? that is virtually impossible before they reach us!"

"i am not,Captain" the Chief Petty Officer " thats why we must give that order, i know we can't save everyone in Cirus, but at least the most of us can make it"

"Ghh..." the Captain could not refute the argument the Chief made

"Captain" a new voice was heard in that moment, it was an artificial, yet warm female voice came through the speaker installed in the golden-black gauntlet on her left arm "HQ gave you new orders (Tell me) You are to assist the evac of your current location, S-C963 is en-route to your location"

"That was a quick response, was HQ expecting this?... (Captain?) Oh, its nothing Mercy" the Captain could only wonder for a little while before she posed a question to the A.I. that was waiting for her answer "where are we evacuating to? i doubt there are enough ships for the almost 60,000 people that are living in Cirus"

"That is not a problem Captain (huh?) you and S-C963 are evacating all staff in your area to Hanger 39 in the Horus Port (Hours? isn't that where...) yes, the only hope for our survival is there"

a sudden silence invaded the room, everone who heard that stopped what they were doing in that moment, then the A.I. voice was heard again

"We are evacuating to the results of Project: LEGACY, we are going to the 'Trinity of Death"


Kaisers: The Reawakening -Prologue- (part 1)

200 years ago....

such foolish humans.

this though comes across 'The One whose power is infinte'  as another Human group falls dead, not even capable of stepping into the chamber that is at the front of his fortress, dont even imagine to reach the portal leading to his chamber . It seems from the annoyance in his voice that he is getting tired of this cycle that's speeding up.

"Hmmm... "

'have they lost the little rationality that they claim to have expanded that it rivals that of ours?' The One thinks as he rest his head on the floor of his chamber.

The One has seen over this world, which the humans have named EUCARYA, since The One decided to create it.

He doesn't know how many eons have passed since The Creation; at first, humans were only an animal species, as all the others he had created, but as time went on, they started to stand out from all the other species. They started to multiply quickly, developing an intelligence and curiosity that far surprassed the others, they learned at an accelareting rate, making the One wonder what could have had influenced on them to that extent.

but now, this was different, the One never interviened with their world after they started to develop their own knowledge, so why had they started rebelling, now looking for the One like their lives depended on it?

maybe it is time for him to take action?

"if it is so... kukuku... these humans really need a reminder of who is the supreme ruler"

he rises his body and shakes his head, moving like someone that just woke up

"hmm... but, who will become my emissary to the humans?"

he decides to use the "universal key", a limited portal to other dimensions, what these humans could never consider that existed, or so he thinks and sweeps trough other dimensions that are on his reach, seaching for a promising subject.

"yes, this one will do, he shows potential, and he hides a power that shouldnt be on him..."

the subject he has chosen seems to be normal in his world, but he gives a feeling that the One can only think as "interesting"

because of this, he grins, as this will be the start of  some fun entretaintment

" so, you shall become my hand on the humans, the flame that will guide them, the water that shall refresh their memory, the wind that sweeps through any foes, and the earth that i turn into a fortress! come to me, my emissary!"

This happened some time ago, before the youth in the portal had noticed that he had been chosen as...


in regard of the delay of the updates

due my life being really harsh on me, (school, part-time job and family) i might take a littl while in updating both novels, as im editing them and trying to not fail at the new semester on highschool

now, regarding the novels, they are multiple genres, so dont think that they will stay in one genre for long, (its like highschool of the dead, now all about one thing, but a mix of some).

any ways, thanks for visiting and stay tuned!


Legacy -Tales of the Altverse- Prologue (Part 1)

Prologue part I  - Hunted - (October XX, 2017)

The air feels cold...

my eyes are squinting through the dust and smoke in the air, but there is something

My legs are on their lasts, but even so, i keep running.

my clothes are tattered and ripped, stained with blood all over, some is mine, some is of the others, and the most part of it's THEIRS

the pistol in the pocket of my now black-red dyed jeans that i once could handle easly, now feels like it is a damned heavy rock, but i can't drop it...

it's the thing along the ones the others have that have kept us alive during the last hours of hell we've seen

on my left arm is the black-golden bracelet (of some sorts) that became permanently attached to it since the days i touvhed it for the first time..

i cant let go of them...

neither can i let go of my left hand, that's carrying my only important person left...

the others in front of me have stopped

i dont like it...

feels like every time we stop we might be found by THEM...

-what happened? why are we stopping now?-

an adult woman ask to the one guiding us, a soldier who found us just before we were killed...

-there is a truck blocking the street ma'am, we must find another way...-

is obvious that nobody of us is happy to hear that

we were a group of more of 22 people at the begining...

now there are only 6 of us left (not incuding the soldier)

-then? how do we get to the safepoint? dont you have a plan B?-

another woman asks, in a rather displeasured and arrogant voice, but still, full of fear

-there was a checkpoint nearby, we should got there and see if there is anything left that might help us-

of course the soldier is refering to equiment, he clearly knows that this area has been abandoned during the retreat...

the hand i am holding suddenly squeezes me, in response, i turn around

a girl that refuses to let go of my right hand, she is only 2 years younger than me, who was supposed to be 18 in three days...

the one that i am desperately trying to protect...

my sister, the only family i have had since a long time ago, before the hell came to earth

she is crying...

the fear of being hunted must have finally gotten her, because now she is trembling...

the others have started to move, we are being left behind

i quickly manage to wipe the tears from her face, and hug her with all of my strength tha is left

-we have to go, can you still walk?-

the left hand touches her smooth cheeks, now covered in dust and sprayed in blood

she nods

we hurry to catch up to the others, but we suddenly stop near the reamains of a building

i focus my attention on hearing 

-no, please NO!, get away from me!  GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!!!!!!-

some shots are heard, is it from one of the rifles we were carrying? but there were 3 of them! how can it be that only one is firing?

there are two options, either the one screaming and firing the rifle was left behind like us, or...

maybe they were killed like the rest of us, like the rest of the country, if not the world

i make my sister crouch behind the pile of  debris while i remove the safety catch on the pistol in my pocket, an old Colt .38 Automatic that i found in our old parents room, along several magazines for it...

i peek, praying that THEY dont notice me...

we are roughly 30 mts from the scene

there are horribly twisted and smashed corpses near THEM, if one of the corpses wasnt holding of a damned suitcase, i would have would it was some one else...

the corpses were our (latter) group

there was only one still alive, certanly he had barely managed to escape the inital assault, and was defending himself with the M4 that the soldier had been carrying around...

THEY have trapped him next to a mountain of rubble that prevents him from crawling away...

he is not moving from his position, instead, he is empting the rifle's magazine in their heads...

there are 3 of THEM closing to him, 

i can see from this distance that he has some deep slashes on his chest, and the are bleeding profusely

the guy is trying his best  to make each  bullet count, but its impossible, the pain and the shock due blodloss is making effect, also the acid in their claws must have started to corrode his insides

yet he is still fighting

i put the pistol's supressor on ist barrel and aim carefully

one of THEM somehow senses me (?) and turns around

i aim to the dull red eye that is in the middle of its forehead

i fire my gun at it...

the .38 Super shedder round hits its target, blowing off the eye and half of its head

the guy (somehow) manages to kill the other two left

i rush to see how bad his injuried are...

i'm speechless...

his left knee was sliced neatly and was burned where their claws had grabbed him

the right knee was completely smashed, it must have happened when we had heard him, he must had been struggling with one of them and it has steped on his leg, COMPLETELY CRUSHING IT...

he's still alive, but not for long, THEY have some kind of poison(?) that when in contact with our flesh, it spreads and burns around the area where it touched the skin, not to metion the horrible pain that came during the "burning"

he looks up to see my face, i crouch near him

-you... were alive huh?-

his voice is faint, yet he manages to talk loud enough for me to hear

-yeah... i tought you left us behind, so we hurried to where we tough we had seen you go...-

he points to the street to our right, there seems to be an accident on it, but we can cross it easly

-the... the..(he stars coughing blood, the poison must have entered his lungs) the chhhheckpoint, it is 6 blocks ahead down that street, here,ttttt.take the rifle, i dont have much... (panting) time, just go...- 

i take the rifle from his hands, it is covered in blood, and it stick to my fingers

-thank you, mister, you not only saved me, but also my sister-

his eyes widen, and he then grins

-so it was worth of it, i'd never done anything for anyone else, (coughs) , who knew that it would take the end of the world to make me change that...-

-yeah... who knew?-

he suddenly stops talking, he has finally died

im not surprised of death anymore, i have seen too much of it in a short time

i return where i left my sister hiding, praying nothing has happened

no, she is still there, she show her face as i close to her

the rifle is now hanging o my back, also the few supplies the i could loot from the remains of the group

i offer my hand to her, she grabs on it tightly

-lets go, the checkpoint is not too far, lets hurry before the darkness of the night get near-

she stands up and we turn to the street leading us to the checkpoint...

when we are halfway to the checkpoint, she whispers something that i could barely hear...

-are we going to die too?-

i turn around and lightly pat her head with my left hand, the black-golden bracelet on my arm shines slightly, as  to approve my action

-dont worry, all is going to be fine-

my words seem to comfort her, even when we both know that probably that isn't going to be the case

I am such a liar...


Starting the engines... time to go!

So... Finally  i made the damned blog, I´ll be releasing the Chapters of Legacy: Tales of the Altverse
and Loneliness, wich will be changed to KAISER's: The Emperors Reawakening